Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cappadocia Blitz Part I

The administrators at the conference were asked if they wanted to tour Istanbul, Ephesus, or Cappadocia. They said, "Yes." ha! Who wouldn't? So we allowed them to do Istanbul on their own, either at the beginning or end of their journey (since most flights come through there anyway). We took them over on the 3 hour journey to Cappadocia. They all went on a bus along with our teen girls. We took Nonie and Pops and one administrator (who was in need of a ride where she could elevate her legs) in our van. First stop: The Salt Lake. The water had receded, so we walked WAY out this time.

We stopped along the way at a place where you order meat by the kilo. You get all kinds of sides and starter dishes, then delicious grilled meat. We ate til we were stuffed...for about $10.

Here's a sampling of the interesting "meze" which was served.

We were unable to stay in an actual cave because of the size of our group. But we all stayed in a small hotel which accommodated more. I woke the next morning to a loud exhaust sound. I peeked out and saw this...

We were close enough to wave.

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