Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Other Side of Town

After our hamam visit, I took them to Dostlar. I've written about this place. I love this place. I love the people at this place. When I had my 2 children in Turkey and was discharged from the hospital, I stopped here on the way home. They are my kids' Turkish grandparents. So, I had to take my friends there for lunch. We ordered a sampling of everything. Then this sweet owner brought them all complimentary dessert. Stuffed! Just like the grape leaves he serves!

I had this idea that I'd like them to see the "other" side of life here, too. We had collected some non-perishable food items at school. We took a little trip to the edge of our neighborhood and delivered food to the refugees and poor in our community. The people are hungry. They need food. Soon, they were crowding around us and pressing in. It started to feel a little stressful. We handed out some, but then I felt we should load back up in the vans and head out to another spot.

We were able to park on the main street and walk down into the homes of some more of these families. From there, we had a little more control over things. These sweet boys were playing, then wanted me to take their picture. Handsome!

I'm certain this is their sleeping area. A piece of plywood, an old mattress.

They were all so thankful. We told them it was given by Jesus.

To her mama: I wouldn't cut her hair either. Beautiful.

I want to do more. So many needs. So many people.

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Angie said...

This post definitely tugged at my heart strings. So many in this world in need.

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