Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cappadocia Blitz Part II

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we took them to see the "Open Air Museum" which consists of caves that are early Christian churches. This set of caves, which was like an early monastery or seminary, contains the clearest and best-preserved frescoes in the region. It was here that the early church fathers began to encourage monks not to hibernate, but to go into society with their Good News. We know some of the believers at Pentecost came from this region. Our tour guide taught us much about the history of Turkey and this region. She had never heard why we believe what we believe, but now she knows.

As we got ready to pay the entrance fee, Firstborn whipped out her museum card. She obtained it during the last school year for a field trip she took. It was good for a year. One of our nicknames for her is Templeton (like the rat in Charlotte's Web). She saves everything. She didn't cost us anything everywhere we went! And as she tells it, her Turkish teacher took her A plus paper in when she went to get the museum pass. She showed them what a good student she is, that she should receive a discount. When she got pass for 20TL instead of 40TL, she told them Firstborn's classmates were good students, too. So, her paper got a discount for everyone. Such is Turkey!

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