Monday, October 5, 2015

First Day Victory Lap

School officially launched! We've come a long way from the original 70 kids we had 12 years ago!

CC posed his questions...What does Oasis stand for? He used to offer 5 Turkish Lira to a student who could get it right. He's up it to 10...inflation and all.

And then we began our yearly tradition, 12 years now, of walking around our campus with the Turkish flag and the Oasis flag, carried by 2 seniors. It's a time of quiet and reflection and gratitude.

And just this year, as we've gone up to 270 students, we stretched as an entire circle around the campus. We finally did it. And this would be our last year to do this here. God has provided a new campus into which we will be moving June 2015. We are so grateful. But this was a little bittersweet. The first time we did it, Firstborn was in Kindergarten.

Bring it on, we're ready for 2015-16!

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Angie said...

Hope you all have a great school year!!

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