Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Camping Escape: Part I

We want to be a camping family. Problem is that where we go to camp, it starts getting VERY cold VERY quickly. So, we knew that we needed to get our annual camping trip on the calendar soon. Thoughts of huddling with my face entirely encased in my mummy sleeping bag were highly motivating. So, a couple of weekends into school, we loaded the kids up as soon as volleyball practice was done. We drove up to Isik Dag (Light Mountain) and Kizilcihamam for our adventure. We simply can't get there before nighfall unless the kids miss sports, so we (we? I was in the van!) set up the tent by car lights and flashlights.

I had a fun surprise for EVERYONE! I'd found myself a thin little air mattress to take along! I left the last time (2 years ago) with a sore back. I was teased more than once by my sweet husband that I had only picked up 1 for myself. But oh, it was nice. I felt no rocks this year!

The next morning, the girls enjoyed tying up their hammocks they'd bought themselves this summer. This picture makes me think of Psalm 1:1.

It's a beautiful place, just the thing to get away from the stress of the city and work.

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