Saturday, October 10, 2015

Camping Escape: Part IV

CC wanted us to take a family picture while we were there. Campbell Camping 2015!

When we camped 2 years ago, we were awoken by the strangest sound. It was a bell. It sounded like a cowbell, but it kept going in all different directions. Soon, this hound wandered up to the campground, checked things out, wandered off, then came back at eatin' time. He did the exact same thing this year! Poor ol' pooch has to wear a bell everywhere he goes.

He is the sweetest dog. If he needed a home...well,

CC built us some great fires for our hobo packets and s'mores. Anyone been reading this long enough to remember the last time when I couldn't find marshmallows, was very upset about it, then bought gummy dinosaurs for the s'mores instead? Oozing, dripping dinosaurs were "the" memory of the trip. This year I spotted marshmallows (made with fish gelatin here so they are hallal...yes, your marshmallows in America are spongy because they are made from pig's snouts. Look it up.), so I bought them. No more oozy dinos.

The last night CC and the two Turks slept under the stars.He said he woke up at all hours of the night watching the constellations shift above his head. Beautiful! (I slept in the tent!)

Goodbye to this sweet town.

Back to reality, but with a rewewed spirit!

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Angie said...

I may never eat marshmallows again lol :)

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