Thursday, November 12, 2015

Beautiful Feet 2015: Getting There, Getting Ready

For several years, I have had a desire for a team from my home fellowship to come to this land and bless us with a conference for encouragement and refreshment. In June, several of us met and began planning it. It was so neat to see it come together.  The team "there" had things on their heart that they wanted to do and share. Everytime I thought of this happening, it was like a dream come true! And they'd be coming when I had 3 teenage daughters who could attend the teen track. I assembled a sweet group of friends here in my city to be my team "here." Soon, Thursday came. We all rolled our suitcases into school and grinned at each other! It's here!

We just had a short flight down to the coast (1 hour). The team meeting us had begun 24 hours earlier.

My roomie for the weekend from "Team There" was my husband's sister. She is so dear to me, as a sister of my own really. She waited up on me even though we rolled in at 10PM to the hotel. Another gal on "Team Here" is M. She was Big Ben's nanny for a year, did her university work, then came back to teach. Her sister, a pediatric nurse, was on "Team There." What a joy for us!

Our theme was Beautiful Feet. "Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." I am sure it confused the hotel all weekend, but our main goal was that the women attending would know that someone knows their feet are beautiful and cares for them.

Beach fun was our decor theme.

We gathered Team There and Team Here together, and we all hit it off very quickly. It was hard for me not to be emotional when I saw them. I married in that house of fellowship. Two of those team members were in my wedding. Others were friends of my big brother. There were many connections, and it was just dear in my heart that it was really happening!

My sweet friend L did all the decorating. She does in 5 minutes what would take me 5 hours.

My junior high/high school BFF was on the team. She and I have dreamed of a visit to this county by her. And it finally happened. She also brought her 18 year old daughter. I remember when that sweet baby was born, and I sent her a Chinese silk dress from Singapore.

We worked hard and fast all morning to get the registration table set up, the sound system ready to go, music prepped, the room decorated. Then some of us stole away to see the Mediterranean!

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GiGi said...

I enjoy reading your post. I am keeping up with the Campbell clan and your work. Please stay safe. God's richest blessings upon you and yours, Glinda Majors

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