Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things That Say "You Are Loved"

When Papa comes back, there are always goodies to be found in the luggage. I sent him a Wal-Mart list...bacon, cheddar cheese, mascara, sea monkeys (yes, you read that right), Nyquil, and all the other random things I feel like I can't live without until mid-June. But also, there are always some surprises. This year, the Campbell Clan-grands sent back a Valentine for each Campbell Clanskid with a $5 bill inside. I think that quadrupled Sweet Cheeks' money supply. They also sent the "SS Benaiah," a handcrafted- really-floats-and-propels tugboat for Big Ben. It's amazing, a treasure he can always say his Grandad made for him. Aunts Boo always sends the latest-whatever-the-kids-in-America-have-that-we-know-nothing-about stuff. Last year it was Silly Bandz. This year we got rubber watches. It tends to propel us to celebrity status here at school!

Aunt C and cousins sent us all Valentines and notes, a fun box for planning a Christmas party next year, and of course, candy. (The candy canes are even flavors like Nerds and Tootsie Roll.) The Fish grands sent CC and me sweaters and the kids these oh-so-soft jammies.

We also got sweet packages from Home Office folks...candy, perfume, all kinds of goodies!
We feel loved!
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Tara G. said...

Did CC wear one outfit for 2 weeks?! Just kidding- cramming in the essentials becomes second nature!! :) Just found out this past week we get a trip back in June! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this post and especially the handmade boat and cut pajamas.


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