Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Birthday Gift from CC

My birthday gift this year was the result of a thoughtful friend and a giving husband. My friend T knew I had talked about wanting a bread maker for some time. She has one and uses it daily for their "daily bread." There's plenty of bread in Turkey, but to eat any type of whole grain or wheat, you basically feel like you are eating unflavored croutons in big slice form. I had checked into bread makers, and they were pricey, so I just held off. As my birthday approached, T found out about a family who was moving away, had a bread maker to sell, and had only used it a couple of times. T called CC. CC was happy....a gift I wanted, and he didn't have to shop!
We have used it at least daily since February 9. A fresh hot loaf of wheat bread (with butter and honey, of course) takes the place of cereal many days for breakfast. Cinnamon rolls are a snap. I even found a recipe for a bread like the Pepperidge Farms cinnamon swirl raisin bread. It was delicious, and Sweet Cheeks cried loudly, "Grandma makes this!!!" (We'll just let her keep thinking that.) I plan to try new things. Anyone have suggestions?
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Tara G. said...

Totally jealous, but I'm rejoicing with you, too! I didn't bring mine for obvious reasons and they are SO expensive here! I did have my mom buy a cheap Wal Mart blender to mail to me so we can have smoothies and do a few other gluten free things; we're anxiously waiting.

Anonymous said...

What do you say about a God that gives us the desires of our heart? He most definitely does! Ask Kathleen about her expensive coffee pot that a relative she has only seen once in her life decided to buy her and send her 'just because.'

You don't think that was God? Kathleen said, "Don't tell me God doesn't give you the desires of your heart!" She said no one knew she wanted one! She had drooled over one when visiting with someone from her church but never mentioned it to a soul. She loves different coffees.

Isn't it grand? We don't serve God for such things, but how He loves us! Just like our earthly fathers do only more so.

This week I read Psalms 103 (I think it is) about all His benefits toward us!! So wonderful to serve Him!!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

YUMMY! I'd love a bread machine and love the way you got it too! Everything does not have to come from a store. Great idea CC!

trashmaster46 said...

I love my breadmaker. I used to let it do the whole cycle on its own. Now I'm finally up to letting the machine do the mixing and initial kneading, but I do the final kneading, the shaping and the baking in my standard oven. With the tendonitis, the machine is still realy valuable to me for that initial mixing and kneading!

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