Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Surprise: The Early Bird Got the Worm (or Flower)

There is a florist on our street. A grandpa with a granddaughter about Big Ben's age, he occasionally graces me with a single rose as I pass by. He also occasionally gives one of the girls a carnation from his pot of flowers. The day before my birthday, Miss Middler strolled by his shop on the way home from school. Then she paused. And fluttered her eyelids. And smelled his pretty lilies. And smiled. And she got the prize...he came out and snipped her one of his beautiful flowers. She proudly brought it home to me. I did reprimand her a bit and tell her not to do it again, but it was awfully sweet. (She's got charm, you have to admit.)
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Anonymous said...

and we know where she got the charm....:)
I love reading your blog!

Tara G. said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I love it! Smart girl!

Shannon said...

That's what happens when you're a blonde in the Mid East.

Anonymous said...

Learning early the benefits of being a pretty girl, and a nice young lady, I might also add . . . :)

Well, you can't blame her too much . . . She can't help God made her that way.

Besides, after many years of politely turning down such things, I learned that the men/people who do such as this florist did, are not stupid. They do what they want to do and if it gives him pleasure to pass out flowers to lovely young ladies, then let him. Miss Middler was just giving him the opportunity! :))

I learned that lesson from a minister friend I worked with who was 50 years older than myself.


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