Friday, February 4, 2011

On Making Due and Seeing How God Provides

Normally I make a weekly grocery store run. Because of the size of our kitchen and storage cabinets (small) and the size of our family (large), it is not possible for me to do a "monthly" grocery store trip. Oh, also most items here do not contain preservatives, so frequent shopping is a must.

But because of the big snow, I could not get to the grocery store. Hmmm, what to do? By Sunday we were out of fruits and vegetables. So, I wore a backpack on the snowy hike to church and loaded as much as I could carry in fresh produce on my back for the walk back home. Then I determined I was just going to be creative and fix whatever meals I could come up with based on ingredients we already have.

To be honest: I was amazed over and over this week how God provided for us. My friend Mel had just sent me a yum beef stew recipe. I did happen to have 4 potatoes and a handful of carrots and a small package of stew meat in the freezer. It was delicious. I guess what amazed me is that I just happened to get that recipe right before we got snowed in and just happened to have those specific ingredients.

Throughout the week, we ate light, but we ate well. One night I made calzones...I had a bit of flour, some cheese in the freezer, and some pepperoni that I had imported in my luggage last summer. It was actually really nice to depend on the Lord to direct me as I prepared meals for 7 people without any groceries!

With my last bit of flour and sugar, I made some chocolate cookies. My little big guy helped.

And because it's been so cold, I've been putting the meals out on the balcony (along with our sled!) to refrigerate them til dinner.
How has God provided for you lately?
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KT said...

awww, I loved this post
and I especially loved that you were led to use your last bits on choc chip cookies;)

Anonymous said...

I experienced EXACTLY what you are saying while we were unemployed. In my case, I didn't know where the next meal was coming from many times and then I would "happen to remember" (always after praying) something leftover in the freezer, a bit of this in the frigerator, a can or two of that in the pantry and you would not believe the delicious meals we ate.

So much so that the kids started saying we ate better when we had no money than we did when I was able to buy a bill of groceries.

What amazed me the most was how good it all tasted. That definitely was not me because I am not experienced enough as a cook to throw together odd things and come out with something good.

Another amazement was the quantity of food -- always plenty!

J told us in the B not to take thought for what we eat or what we wear, didn't He? He certainly meant it, is all I can say.


Kelli said...

Love it Sarah! THanks for sharing

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