Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Lunch

Though CC and I share a birthday, most years we are unable to celebrate it together, since he travels to the US for administrative meetings this time every year. This year was different, he was here! In honor of our special day, he invited me to lunch. We shared some Turkish rice (mmmm, try it and you'll never go back!), lentil soup, and kirimitte tavuk (a chicken dish made in a clay pot).
Our dear waiter friend Omer seemed surprised to see us, as we normally go to this place only on Sundays after church. We told him it was our joint birthday. After our meal, he presented us with this precious raspberry mini-cake.
Big Ben's been around long enough to 'get it' on the candles, cake, presents, etc. The minute the cake was put down with a candle and sparkler, he did his best to blow it out. Soon, 10 waiters were gathered to watch his futile effort. He could not get close enough to blow because of the sparkler. We helped him a bit, then he helped us down the cake a bit!
And then CC gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And yes, he patronized the flower shop Miss Middler visited earlier this week. We felt that made it fair in the end.
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