Monday, February 21, 2011


Happy Birthday, Kosovo! It is that time of year again! The Embassy of Kosovo invited CC and me to their independence day celebration party at the Hilton Hotel. CC is still in the USA, so I planned to go to represent our family. Then we got a note from the Ambassador's wife asking if Miss Middler and Sweet Cheeks could go, too, as guests of their daughters. Dress in a fancy dress? Stay up past bedtime? Eat fancy food and drink out of fancy cups? Sure, they'll go! Here is a picture of the four-some.
The minute my girls came in and hooked up with their buddies, the cameras started flashing. In a fancy hotel adult party, these four cuties stood out! Soon, they had filled their plates with delicious foods.

For the hour we were there, they hid from the paparazzi, examined and ohhed/ahhed over each others' necklaces and dresses, filled their plates with foods, tried on a Kosovo Army Captain's hat while he wasn't watching, took who knows how many juices from the roving drink servers, and played toilet tag. (This is a new game to me, but I've recently been introduced. It seems when you are tagged, you freeze. When you are un-tagged by someone pressing your flush button, you have to swirl down, then you are free to go.) We made quite a show of ourselves, for sure. But hey, when you are four kids in a room full of adults, and they all think you are wonderful, you may as well live it out to the fullest! It's still shocking to me, sometimes, where I am and what I get to do. I really thought I'd be living in a hut in the mountains of Mexico when I grew up...
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Anonymous said...

I know I am always saying, "This is my favorite post" but REALLY these about the embassy parties are my favorites!! Some of my favorites . . .

I especially love when the girls go. Was it last year that Eva was the center of attention at one also? Well, like you said, how can you not ooh and aah over four little darlings at an adult party where everyone is being formal and polite.

Who wouldn't be charmed by a game of toilet tag?? I mean, gee, I would. :)))

Great post Sara! Did you have pictures of you and the girls all dressed up?


Tara G. said...

Love it!! The picture of the four of them is precious!!

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