Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Date

This week the love of my life and I share our birthday. You just can't imagine what I thought when, on our second date, I discovered we shared the same birthday. It was just another puzzle piece that fit.

Our birthday is this Wednesday, but since Friday is our date night, CC took me out to Quick China.
Mmmm. Warm. Inviting. Asian.
Here's me...thinking about either my handsome husband across the table or the Thai Green Curry I had ordered. I can't remember which.
What is my date thinking about?
We split a dessert, and I only remembered to take a picture after we dug in.
Other than the wonderful company, my next favorite part was the little Chinese teapot and hot tea they brought us. Oh, and the fact that my second-born daughter called multiple times (about 5) to tell us everything was alright and going great and when were we coming home? Love it!
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Tara G. said...

How totally unique is that!?!?!? You look gorgeous, by the way!

Anonymous said...

I love the birthday thing . . . How special is that?

Ah, I am so looking forward to an entire week ALONE with my honey. For only the second time in 25 years of marriage, we are taking off without any children. There is such a story to why we never did that. We always wanted them to experience and enjoy what we were seeing, for one thing. [When we were in California, one hour from Yosemite, Dave said he could not go without the kids knowing how they'd love to see it - and we didn't either! Ha.] We also had a committment between ourselves that our kids would never know babysitters and so forth. (This is a personal thing and I realize a lot of people use babysitters. This was us!)

Well, we fulfilled the committment we made, we have made the journey with them, bathing them with our love and attention and now we go to celebrate what started it all in the first place, M and D, and to pay attention just to each other . . . with their huge blessing, by the way.

This is another long-winded novel but your dates with Ross and the special birthday reminded me of all this and brought tears.

You just can't beat what God does when He is in the arrangements, can you? The second biggest thing I pray for my children is for God to choose their spouses. You cannot lose when He does!


Jennifer said...

I love your built- in babysitters. That's a real perk to having a large family. Maybe I can use that to convince Carl that we need a big family.

Kelley said...

Happy Birthdays! I get those calls too - every date - gotta love 'em! ~ k

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