Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Morning

On Wednesday morning, I got a small taste of what it might be like if I went back to teaching full-time when Big Ben starts school in a couple of years. We were all 7 out of the door, on our way to school, by 7:45AM. CC said we looked like gangbusters. But this time I wasn't heading to school to teach a full day, just to go hear "Happy Birthday!" from my many friends here who sing to the birthday boy or girl before school starts.

This precious friend baked us not one cake, but two. She also made me a handmade cross-stitched card which I plan to frame.
There were all the usually stops when we got there, Auntie's office being the first. (She has the most toys.)
And then the staff sang to us. (Are they not the cutest Turkish and Mexican girls you've ever seen?)
Here's a lot of people I love!
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val said...

Thanks for thinking of us! Hope your birthday was a special one!

Anonymous said...

How fun and how sweet!!

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