Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Gift I Really Like

For Christmas, my friend B gave me a gift I really like. I've been meaning to show them to you. So, Sunday morning, I asked Sweet Cheeks to set the table with them, and I took a picture.

B gave me the traditional Turkish teacups, but with multi-colored and hand-painted saucers.
There are eight different colors. I let Sweet Cheeks decide who got what color.
In the center is the hand-painted Ottoman motiff.
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Anonymous said...

There are times when your posts are serious and thought provoking, times when they are lessons in life, times when they express adoration for those you love so much, times when Ross is featured, and then times like these lately where they are light-hearted with interesting little tidbits out of your life.

Whatever they are, they are always enjoyable. Of the different blogs I read, I have never read any I enjoy like I do yours. So much of yourself is in it, in different ways. Never know what each week will hold. I have laughed till I fell out of my chair and at other times sat and balled like a baby. You have touched my heart more times than I can count and in the process I have fallen in love with five children I may never meet but my heart knows them well.

God bless you Sara for the work you do. Even though it is unspoken, it definitely shows through.

Melanie Keffer

Tara G. said...

Oh, I like those! I have a tiny little Turkish bowl the attache's wife gave me and a little tea pot. But I never saw those cute things!!

Deena said...

I love the saucers! They are so pretty! I especially like that the set is multi-colored.
It's fun to collect pieces from around the world. I'm sure you really have a beautiful collection.

Jennifer said...

Those are beautiful!

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