Friday, February 4, 2011

Reading Buddies

My Pre-K kids are pretty well spent by Thursday afternoon at 2:30PM. So, the third grade teacher and I arranged to have Reading Buddies with our two classes on Thursdays.
It's a win-win. The third graders read books aloud to the Pre-K kids. Even if they struggle with hard words, they are able to practice reading aloud without feeling embarrassed in front of peers. My Pre-K kids get to have someone read to them in English (only about 1/2 of them speak English).
And they just get to have a buddy paying attention to only them for a short time during the week!

As I glanced back over this post, I found it interesting that all of the following countries are represented in these few pictures: America (that cute on in purple is mine!), Romania, Holland, Nigeria, Korea, Kosovo, and Malaysia. Have I ever said before I love our school?

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