Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Basketball Tournament

We Campbells love us a good basketball tournament. It is just so much fun to go and watch our guys and girls play hard. Back in the "old days" everyone beat us. We were the new kids on the block and hardly had enough players to make a team. But not these days. We are contenders! This weekend we played against teams that are part of a league (meaning, they practice daily and have about 20 kids sitting the bench ready to sub). Our boys had a team of 7, just 2 subs. We have only 1 senior on our team. We practice outside, without even a true gym. We still play hard with 'em!

Our mascot is the lion..."Aslan" is Turkish for "lion," that's why we picked it. (The costume leftover from the Wizard of Oz play has become our new mascot costume!)

Awww, it's a baby lion.

The girls BEG to go. Even Big Ben said, "Ball now? Ball now?" when he knew it was time to go. It's all about cheering and being proud of your school. It's about friends that might or might not be at the game, too. It's about being on the American base where you can get a Root Beer, a slice of pizza, or a plate of nacho chips.

And it's all about families doing things together.

For me, it's almost magic. All I can think about when I am there is that our school used to just be an idea. Now it's real. And it has brought all of us together in one place for this time.

So, what is your favorite sport to watch? Mine's basketball!

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Anonymous said...

You certainly have come a long way and what a journey it has been. You've taken us all along right there with you and I, for one, have loved every tear, every smile and every minute watching what G has done growing that school.

God bless each one of you and go Lions!


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