Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to two wonderful girls!

On January 18, my precious 3rd daughter was born. Never one to be left behind, she walked the earliest, talked the earliest, even rode a stair gate down the stairs like a sled at 15 months. We tell her there'd be no fun in our family without her. There's never been a dull moment with Esther, and she is a delight through and through.
Happy 9th birthday, sweet girl!
We can not imagine our family without you!
And the best part is that you get to share your special day with Grandma! You could not have a better godly example to follow! Happy birthday, Mom! I love you!
Happy birthday to you both!
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Anonymous said...

Yes, yes .. . Happy Birthday to E and Mrs. F.

How special to share your birthday with your grandmother!


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite pictures of Esther is the one you posted here of her playing dress up in the blue dress and hat. I also love how you call her Essie.

I debated and debated but just could not resist mentioning again your mom and Ben. Wow. I have never seen two people look more alike. I just love it.

Had to come back and comment on that.


Shannon said...

Hope she had a great day :) My grandmother and I share half birthdays. Her half birthday is January 18, and likewise mine is July 18, her birthday.
Love Esther's smile. Wish I had gotten to know your girls last year.

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