Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Last of Goynuk

Well, I've reached the last of the vacation photos and stories! On our last day, we headed back to Phaselis, the place where we visited three years ago and brought home Phaselis the Great (our cat). It's a beautiful place where people long ago had a thriving city of trade. When Alexander the Great approached them to conquer their city, they met him at the city gate with a gold crown. (If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, maybe?) All they cared about was being able to continue trading, and Alexander allowed it.
This little big guy wasn't with us last time. It was right after the first visit to Phaselis, that I found out about my big surprise to come.
By this last day, the weather had turned cooler, but we still had a fun day outside together. And the girls still swam! We came back to the villa, had one last meal, had one last good sleep, then packed up and headed home.
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Anonymous said...

Well, Sara, are we going to get to hear what happened to Split Shoes and what became of the toys the girls gathered up to give?

Okay, I may be jumping ahead . . . Just making sure you don't forget to tell us! :)


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