Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goynuk: Part IV (Saving a Goat)

As we hiked up to the ancient city of Silyon, we saw a few village families. There were several ladies out with their goat herds. We greeted them along the way and went on to see some of the old castle remains. It was then that Firstborn realized she'd somehow lost her little purse (without valuables, thankfully). She and I began to backtrack through the knee high grass and over the fallen rocks. We didn't find it. We started back to meet the others when we saw this little black ball of fur, covered with flies. I assumed it was dead, but said anyway, "Hey, little guy." just to see. Then a little head flopped over and a baby goat bleated at us. Precious. It then tried to stand, but fell on its face. What else could I do but scoop it up in my arms and make the trek back to the goat shepherdesses?
We found them. They fell all over themselves with thanks to us and praise to their god for returning the baby goat. It had evidently just been born but had lost its mother. I asked them how old, they replied, "One day." It was then that I saw its still attached umbilical cord. Firstborn and I agreed it was worth it to lose her purse to find and help the baby goat.
They walked back with us to meet the rest of our family. Sweet ladies, as you can see. No doubt they rarely come off that mountain. They took this picture of the kids, the "kid" (little black spot in front of Big Ben), and me. It was the first time the lady had ever used a camera, she said.

I was amazed at how instinctively my little people knew to be gentle with the baby goat. Finally, he stood on his own for a short time. They planned to take him back and give him some milk.
Even more so, I am amazed at the opportunities the true God has given me in this place. (And CC found Firstborn's purse!)
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This is my favorite story from your vacay!

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