Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goynuk: zoo day

One of CC's favorite things to do at the coast is tromp around ancient ruins. There were plenty of people, long ago, that found the region to be perfect for building their cities. As I've said many times before, we also love the fact that the ruins are not turned into tourist spots. Just ruins with goats eating the fresh grass growing up around them. One day we set out to find Silyon, but took a wrong turn. I must defend CC in that there are VERY few clear road signs in this country for off-the-beaten-path-2000-year-old-cities. After we'd been in the car for awhile and still hadn't found it, he suggested we go to the Antalya Zoo, a place we'd passed many times but never visited. Are you ready for this? Admission price: US$3.50 for a family of 7. It was money well spent. We loved it.The joke in our family is...who is going to stand by the camels for a picture, knowing they are known to spit?
This is a bear. There was a double fence, but still...that's pretty close.
I don't think I've ever been this close to a bear. But believe me, after seeing one this close up, he also managed to work his way into my dreams...(I was living in a cabin, he was clawing in the cracks on the door, I was calling CC for help...ahhhhhh!)
It was a pretty good zoo...zebras, monkeys (one of which turned around and mooned us when we didn't toss him any food), wolves (Big Ben's personal favorite), etc. We enjoyed giving these little goats some fresh grass, little did we know how close we'd get to a baby goat just days later...
See you tomorrow!
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