Saturday, January 29, 2011

Split Shoes Kids: Follow Up

I've hardly blogged this week, have you noticed? There's a flu going around our town. The Turks are calling it "Goat Flu" which just gives me the heeby-jebbies! But apparently, "The Goat Flu" is an email hoax. I'd vastly prefer some type of "Lamb Flu" anyday. We just have a good ol' winter virus. There were so many kids out this week, and so many teachers still teaching but needing to be home in bed, that CC canceled school one day. He called it a "Wellness Day." Translation: Stay home. Get well. Our family has not been hit with this virus, so we used the day to figure out Twinkle Toes' birthday board game, "Clue: Secrets and Spies." (I'm hooked. Just call me Miss Peacock and page me in Cape Town with the briefcase and cell phone.) Big Ben has been sick, though he's had his own illness, not what everyone else has gotten. His virus turned to an inner ear infection, but we're on meds and on the mend now.

I did use one day this week to visit the house of the Split Shoes Kids. I gathered up a couple of bags of stuff and headed down to their house. I am dying to get the kids' picture because they are so stinkin' cute, but I just felt it would be best to wait on that.

I drove down, down the hill. Here is their house.
It's non-stop snowing today. I can't even imagine how cold this house must be.
As it turns out, these kids and their parents are the people I see going through trash cans at night. They make the run ahead of the garbage trucks and pull out anything they might find remotely useful or anything they can get money for recycling. This is their front yard. It's basically a trash dump.
This is the back of their house where their coal-burning stove has its' exhaust.
One of the moms met me as I approached. I told her I had some extra things I'd like her to have. She was very gracious. She told me to come back and have tea when I had time. I think I will.
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Anonymous said...

I know you are loving this Sara. Right up your alley, and the reason for it all. I know.

How blessed we all are when God opens doors for us like this and chooses to use us, in some way, to touch the life of someone else. What a privilege that is!

I would love to share something with you that Karoline has from Baylor but don't know how I could. I think you'd love it. Many, many of His children in the same line of work here in the States. It burns on Karoline's heart as well. She wants to use her gifts for Him!

More on that later.

Thanks for sharing this because of all your wonderful posts, these are the best and most inspiring.


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