Saturday, January 8, 2011

Split Shoes Part II

When Firstborn got home from school, we were chatting a little about her day. We talked a little about the night ahead, as she would be babysitting while her Papa and I went to dinner with the Christmas gift certificate from the staff. She asked what they would have for dinner. I said, "Well, an interesting thing happened today..." and I gave her a brief rundown on my encounter with the Split Shoes kids. She seemed touched by it and was happy I'd given away her pizza for the night.

Midway through the night, CC's phone rang. It was the kids. "Could we sort through some of our toys to give those kids? Is that good idea?" Firstborn had organized a toy-sorting brigade.

When I came home, I found this little band of plastic people on the kitchen table. A slug dressed in a tux, a superhero, some properly dressed Barbies, a few cars and Polly Pockets. All waiting to go to a new home.
And here is the note they left.
A very good idea, indeed.
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Tara G. said...


Anonymous said...

Sara, Sara, Sara . . . Don't you love it? Don't your eyes fill with tears and your heart thank God for the precious gifts He gave you when He gave you your children? No matter what we teach them, only He can live in their hearts like that.

I am relating to this 1000% and can't wait to hear more of this story.

Deena said...

Wow!! This story keeps getting better. How precious that you kids are following your example. I can't wait to hear how the story continues. Blessings sweet friend!

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