Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goynuk: Silyon Part II

Soon, as we ascended, we came upon an old shepherd and his flock. He was very friendly. Can you spot the baby lamb at the back of the flock (not the one in pink)?
We came to this water source. I asked the shepherd if it was old or new, he replied, "Eski. Cok eski." (Old. Very old.) It still had fresh ice cold water coming from it.
Seemed the girls were not the only ones wanting a little refreshment.

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Anonymous said...

How awesome!!

Rachel said...

That's so neat! We were at the beach last summer and a random goat kept chasing my mom. It was really entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I just noticed how big you are kids are getting!! Wasn't it just yesterday that they were little ones? I still remember all the baby pictures.

Even Ben is growing like a weed. I love the expressions you capture on his face.

It occurred to me recently that in three years both my boys will be away at college . . . Three years is not very long!

I noticed how tall Mary is getting. She will be in high school before you turn around.


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