Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Essie's Birthday: Family Dinner

Essie's party was on Saturday, but her real birthday (and her grandma's!) is January 18th. For that night, I made a lasagna, garlic bread, salad and a giant chocolate chip cookie with almond icing. I happened upon a cute sweater at my little local grocery store, so I got her a new sweater to wear to school on her birthday.
She got many fun things from her relatives and us!
We let Big Ben hand out the gifts. He did a great job handing out the first few, which were small. But as soon as he got to the big ones, he froze in place, squatted down, and tore them open yelling, "Mine?" The temptation was just too much. Esther was very gracious and let him help with the job.
Happy 9th, Esther!
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Tara G. said...

We have a little helper like that, too! She very matter of factly told her daddy that "Big Girl will share her birthday." Looks like a fantastic celebration!

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