Monday, January 31, 2011

The Circus in Ankara

Sometime this past cold month we went out to the circus. This event is free and is sponsored most years by our city government. (The potholes in the roads and the rusted/broken playground equipment isn't so much of a priority, but we do get a circus each year!) The circus here is a bit of a flashback to the 70's for Campbell Clansman and me. We don't mind the traditions they continue to showcase here. For us, it's ok to put aside political correctness and ecological soundness once in awhile. (There, I said it.)
The performers are from Russia. They are into bears. You can see these furry fellas rode on the back of water buffalo.
There were some amazing acts, some without nets underneath! For Big Ben, the best act by far was the motorcycle show. After it was over, he kept saying, "More vrooom vroom?" You'll have to ask your dad on that one, son! (I grew up riding motorcycles. CC is a bit more safety conscious than me.)
They knew how to rev their engines and get everyone all excited. Then the three motorcyclists rode their bikes into this enormous metal hamster ball. Then they rode in circles in the ball, all at the same time. Major thrill. Big Ben was speechless.
We had a super time! Well done, performers!
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Tara G. said...

Yep, gotta love the Eastern European circuses! :) Potholes are not a priority here, either. In fact, our driveway to the apartment building literally caved in- you could see down 10-15 m. It took a couple of months to finally get it fixed and I believe the rich people who own the apartments in the building are the ones who forked the cash over to get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

Bringing back memories . . . Daddy took us to the circus every year. Who noticed political correctness in those days, right? It was just the circus. So wonderful, and Ben is right . . . I was always amazed myself at the motorcycles in those contraptions.

Turkey certainly has some wonderful traditions.


Kelley said...

i'm glad someone still knows how to throw a good circus - and i'm glad you guys get to enjoy it. thinking about you. love ya ~ k

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