Friday, January 21, 2011

Ever Have a Morning Like This?

Ever have a morning like this? Never fear, fun posts to come...Essie's birthday celebration, a drop-off to the Split Shoes kids, etc. etc. but today my heart is heavy, and so I blog what is taking up the most space in my heart.

We received an email yesterday from our boss telling us that the director's wife (Linda) in our school in Korea had suffered a brain aneurysm. She's 52, with a son still in high school. That's just not that far away from me, I thought. We've all been praying, checking email. It seems that as of this morning, she is soon going to meet Jesus. A couple of our staff gals served alongside of her, it's going to be a hard day for them. Linda is a godly woman who has given her life to lead those around her to her Savior. I first met her when I was pregant with Firstborn. I was in Korea and felt a baby move inside of me for the first time ever, I'll always remember that week. Later Linda's school gave a large sum of money to keep our school afloat that year before we officially opened. We wouldn't be here without them. More recently, she came with her husband to visit our school and treated me to some good ol' US products since she had US base privileges in any country. She is a dear, and she'll be missed.

So, last night, I hugged my husband and kids just a little bit harder.

This morning I woke a little groggy. It's funny that yesterday I was talking to teachers about morning routines at home. They were all saying, "Oh, my roommate and I don't really speak in the morning." I remembered my fun college roommate L.D. who would just smile and coo at me as I walked out the door to my 8:00's. We didn't speak either. I don't have that perk anymore. When you are a mommy of 5, you have to talk, and brush, and tie, and pack, and review, and answer...

This morning, I thought I'd make the kids something different for breakfast. I put a flat tortilla in a pan, with butter under it to make it sizzle,then spread sour cream on it, with some sugar/cinnamon sprinkles. Mmm. Sweet Cheeks dilly-dallied as always. And it was to be Pajama Day for her, so all she could think about was getting to wear pajamas, and thus did not rush to get them on. Miss Middler had to say not 1 verse for Bible class today, but all of the past 6. She did not know the references. Twinkle Toes didn't have any major stressors on her except wanting to offer up how her little sister would be quizzed in Bible class. Oh, and how can I forget that today was Community Service Day? (My idea.) If the kids bring a bag of rice or beans or a bottle of cooking oil for refugees, they can dress in jeans for school today. So, Firstborn waltzed down the stairs, looking all of 15 at 11 years old...cowboy boots, skinny jeans, long hair flowing...then tripped on someone's toy that was not taken upstairs and put away. Big bruise on her shin, no ice pack to be found, a bag of corn would have to do. And she's headed out to a sleepover tonight, so there's all of the..."Do you have your toothbrush?" questions to be asked. The clock is ticking, time to leave for school. I hear Big Ben crying. Crying? He never cries in the morning. He yells funny things like his sisters' names so they will come get him up. I tromp up the stairs like a giant or monster yelling, "Boom. Boom. I'm coming to get ya'..." but he doesn't laugh. Oh, he has fever. He becomes, at 35 lbs., a little "cling on" like those little magnets you can put on a fridge.

Then it was time to rush out the door. Do you have your lunch? Do you have your water? Do you have your permission slip? Do you know your verses? And then I thought of Linda. And I told them each, you will go out this door one at a time, I don't care if you are late, and I am going to hug and kiss every single one of you and make sure you leave here with a happy-non-stressed heart. And I did just that.

Please pray for Rex today, Linda's husband. He's just a hop and skip older than Ross, and he's losing his wife. They are transferring her now to another hospital so they can harvest her organs. Her children are in flight to say their goodbyes.

Kiss the ones you love today. May God be glorified.


Shannon said...

I know how you feel right now. All I can think about is everyone around me not being there anymore. Praying for you too. I understand that feeling. Love y'all.

Shannon said...

I'm not one to double comment, but I am all for your last statement. Can you deliver a hug to Mitch for me?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This brings back memories of saying goodbye to my dad . . . So hard to say goodbye to them, but there was never any grieving over his life or things like that. We knew where he was. I was the only one with him when he left to go home. I asked him if he was worried, and in his very strong and firm voice he said, "Not one bit!" Those last minutes when he knew it was time, he laid there waiting to leave, much like we'd wait to board a plane and I know for sure he didn't want to stay. He was ready to take his flight home.

Precious is the death of the saints. Precious to God is their going home to be with Him. Sara, I shed tears with you all and pray for God to comfort her family and each one of her friends. When the pain of Daddy's leaving was the worst and I was curled up tight on the coach experiencing pain I had never felt before, all I could say was, "Jesus help me" and a warm wind blew across me and that horrible pain left.

My pastor said, "Our place is with God and because of sin, death is the door we must go through to get there." But oh, the joy on the other side!! If we could really comphrehend that, we'd all be begging God to go.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet, sweet Sara. My heart just hurts for you today.

I'm truly sorry.

Love you deeply.

Laurie said...

Really good post Sara. I am so sad for this family.
I did smile and coo at you...I still do it to Steve.

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