Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goynuk: first look at the beach

Beaches on the Mediterranean are not like Destin, Florida. They have sheer mountain cliffs that drop into the sea. (I've heard, but haven't done it, that there are times of the year you can snow ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon.) The beaches are made up of rocks, not sand, for the most part. I find its rugged look beautiful! We walked across the street the first day to see the Sea.

Those are genuine smiles!

CC brought back the cow's tails.

This fruit seller was just across the street from our hotel. He slept in his truck, a permanent fixture with no working wheels, at night, and sold fruit during the day.

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Tara G. said...

I bet the beaches are similar to those in Crimea!

The Pritchards said...

In history we talk about the mediteranean sea quite often and I love seeing pictures of your girls in it! Can't wait to show these to the kids! Way cool-

Rachel said...

I love the sea. We just rented a beach house for a week this summer. I'm so excited. It's our first time to this as a family. And the girls' shirts are adorable!

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