Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Essie's Birthday: A House Full of Girls

This past weekend we celebrated Esther's 9th birthday. In spite of having 4 girls already at our house, we invited about 10 more! We had a great time, even Phaselis The Great (see above). We set up a fishing hole for the girls (blue sheet on our door with cut out fish on it) and let each girl fish two times for prizes. As you can see, Kitty got in on the fishing action.

Another game we played was a skit game. I gave each team a purse with five objects. They had to make up a skit using all the teammates and all the objects. Twinkle Toes had us rolling with her Granny role.

Here are the sweet friends that celebrated Esther's big day with us.
Firstborn was in charge of the craft and she did a bang up job! Each girl painted a sled made of popsicle sticks. Then they got to embellish it with stars, snowflakes, snow, etc. Then I wrote their names on them for them so they could hang them on their bedroom door at home.
Here are the samples we made.
As I said earlier, the fishing hole was a big hit. There was a HUGE fish behind the sheet, clipping on prizes, and giving the line a tug when it was time to reel them in. (I think I might have heard it giggle a time or two.)
Big Ben did not feel ambushed in the slightest by such a load of girls in his house. He handles many women at once with ease. He sat right down, ready to pull his prize out.

We had games, cake and ice cream, then a Barbie movie. Surely a pink day in our house! But we all had a great time and love our sweet Essie!!!
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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day for a wonderful little girl!!


Tara G. said...

So sweet! I just downloaded the Ladybug party photos and have yet to do anything else with them!

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