Monday, December 13, 2010

Our First Snow!

They called for some snow! And the weathermen were right! Just as we left the school from the Friday night Christmas concert...singing about white Christmases and such, the rain turned to snow. We woke Saturday morning to this beauty!
I told Firstborn this has become my all-time favorite picture of her.
We decided to walk down the hill to our breakfast spot. It's CC favorite time of the week. How could we miss it just because of 6 inches of snow?
There was much snowball throwing, frolicking, and tromping as we walked.
But this little guy got tired. Thankfully, he's got a strong Papa to carry him.
The hot eggs and fried bread tasted all the better after a walk in the snow to get there.
This little man didn't care for the snow. It's cold. It's wet. His boots are hard to walk in.
There's something about that first snow of each winter, isn't there?
This little girl was such a trooper. She marched on down to get her food and never complained once.

Though he didn't like the snow, he was fascinated by the snow on the cars.

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Anonymous said...

Just when I think I have my favorite posts, woolah, you show up with another that becomes my "all time favorite!" :)

Love this one because: 1) It is LOTS of pictures; 2) Pics of you and Ross included; 3) Great story.

I love the story about walking to your breakfast spot. Oh, wouldn't that be nice if we all had a favorite breakfast spot on Saturday mornings to walk to? How can you beat that? I so agree about the snow and how nice it must have been to step into the restaurant and enjoy a hot breakfast - no cooking and no dishes!

I totally agree with you about ME's picture. I bet everyone else will also! You should print and frame that one.

I was surprised that your little man didn't like the snow . . . Poor little guy. It sounds like your sweet little Eva is learning the art of being gracious -- Something I strongly suspect comes from her Moma! :) (Bless her heart, I so understand her.)

Wonderful post Sara! Thanks for sharing it!


Tara G. said...

We only have a dusting, but you can keep all the white stuff down there! You look stunning in that photo! The kids are darling! I've asked the Lord to please station us somewhere warm next time (along with a few other wants!).

Rachel said...

I agree- super cute daughter! Love the blue coat with the red hat and rosy cheeks. You have such a beautiful family.

Laurie said...

So much fun! I love these pictures!

val said...

So jealous lah!! We haven't even had a cold rainy season here :)

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