Sunday, December 19, 2010

Help Me!

Below is a photo of my babies' crib that I sold yesterday. It just went right out the door. Big Ben is nearly 35 pounds now. He hasn't crashed through it since CC put reinforcing brackets in it, but it's time for a big boy bed. Someone help me! Someone tell me I might have grand kids in about 15 years!!! We've had a crib in our house since 1999. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I can't help you, just share a melancholy tear with you . . .

I have hung on to our baby bed, by some miracle, for 24 years. It is in the attic as I type this. I have had to wrestle (literally) with Dave over selling it but put my foot down after I saw all other signs of our little ones slowly disappear. My heart just couldn't stand it.

I told him I wanted our grandchildren to sleep in it when they visited. :)

I am with you in spirit, though, as I remember watching many precious memories go out the door. We just can't keep it all, can we?

A Fellow Sentimental Mom

The Pritchards said...

You know, when I got rid of our baby bed, I went and had another baby. :) Hee, hee. Hang in there. But, I am of no help.

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