Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Famous 2008 Christmas Picture

What can I say? Even with 4 sisters who loved him, he'd had enough.


Tara G. said...

THAT is awesome!!!!!!!!

Tara G. said...

P.S. Nap/rest time here. I've got a mug of hot chocolate and I think it'd be so fun to have you sitting in the recliner to chat with! Love that we're on the same time zone- makes me feel like we're not so "out there!"

Anonymous said...

I was reminded of a man I knew who was the youngest of four, the older three being girls. He had an awesome way with females . . . The good kind of way. I have never met a man yet who grew up with a large family of girls, that was not the most well adjusted, wonderful to be around, kind of guy.

There is something special about that, I believe. Even though my boys are not exactly in that situation, I can tell the difference in them growing up with older sisters.

Ben is going to make some girl a wonderful husband one of these days. His sisters will see to that!! :)


Rachel said...

That picture is PRICELESS! Please be sure to show it at his wedding one day. :)

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