Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cousins' Christmas Party

We decided long ago, if we all had to be so very far away from family, we'd just become family to each other. The beautiful girl next to Firstborn is now in college, but was in junior high when we all came. The young man is a Senior, but was in 5th grade when we came. These kids have been 'cousins' to each other since that first year. And so, we once again had the Cousins' Christmas Party. My kids get to go to their house and make a craft, eat lunch, and just have a fun family Christmas party. It's one of the highlights of the year for my kids. Next year, Big Ben gets to go. Watch out.
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Anonymous said...

What fun holiday posts? Sara, have you ever noticed that we (all of us) have the most fun when things are not normal and we must "make do" or improvise with what we have? Just something about that. I guarantee you will never have better Christmas' than you are having now.

Same thing here!!

Merry Christmas and much love to all the Campbells from the Keffers!!

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