Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Fair 2010

When I took my 'leave of absence' from teaching, 12 years ago (while pregnant with Firstborn), one thing that I began doing was helping out in the Annual Christmas Fair in our school in Singapore. Some years I was in charge of it, now we've done one for 5 years here in Turkey as well. The moms get together to craft, then we sell to the public, and the proceeds support some need the school currently has. My friend Karyn headed it up. She is very talented and did a great job. We made more than ever before, 10,001TL! Here are some photos from last weekend's fair.
When a daughter hits 4th grade, I let them work a table at the Fair. Twinkle Toes did a great job this year at the kids' table.

Here's Karyn...

It also requires the help of many people. I think we had about 10 slots that needed to be filled each hour. The teachers, already over-worked, graciously stepped in to help.

This year we added a couple of new things. In addition to the sales floor and the Christmas Cafe (where you could get a cup of hot cider or a bowl of comfort soup), we had "Santa's Secret Workshop" where kids could go to shop for parents. No adults allowed! See the sign in the back right corner? We just nailed fabric over a doorway and transformed it into a secret room. The kids had so much fun in there!
More tomorrow on the arrival of Santa and the entertainment for the day!
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Tara G. said...

That's fantastic!!! What are you getting for the school? The International Women's Group here has their big bazaar on Saturday- they raised a huge amount of $ last year and it all goes to the elderly, orphans, etc. I was to work the American booth tomorrow night, but they canceled the Friday shopping.

Calgaroo said...

I absolutely love your photos..they are gorgeous..

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