Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mall Madness

Last Friday was our official final day of school for 2010. A sweet friend, Grandma Magee, who I met when Twinkle Toes was a newborn, always sends us a check at Thanksgiving and tells me to fill the girls' Christmas stockings with gifts bought by her check. This year, we treated them all to the 3D movie Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We are HUGE Narnia fans. Ross read all the books when he was a young boy. I received the set one Christmas from my Uncle Gordon. It's so much fun for us to re-live them with our kids. Papa has read the girls three of the series so far.
So we headed to the only mall showing the movie in English. There, we found great Christmas lights! Technically, here they are "New Year's" decorations.

Though we were perhaps the only people in the theater who understood it, our favorite line by far was when Aslan says, "You will know Me by another name in your world." Indeed!
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