Saturday, December 11, 2010

Concert Chorus

The girls' Christmas recital was this week. I'll post piano pictures later, but first...Sweet Cheeks was asked to be in the little choir along with her big sisters. Did she know the songs? Not really. She got some of them right!
But spent far too much time hob-knobbing with the other choral members.
And then there was the time she decided to go up and straighten everyone's music sheets for them, in spite of the fact that she can't read them!
Good job, choir! You sounded great and your songs praised Him!
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Anonymous said...

This is the charm of EC . . . I love it! I think I've told you I have one just like her.

I love their honest approach to life, don't you? I pray that your Sweet Cheeks never loses this innocent and unpretenious love of life, that twinkle in her eyes, and the confidence she has to just be herself.

What a darling she is!


Tara G. said...

OOOOOHHHHHHHH! I'd love to squeeze her- she is SO cute!!!!

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