Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Campbell Christmas Part II

After our Christmas breakfast, we opened gifts. It is always so very strange to see the kids in the neighborhood going to school. It's something I'll never get used to.

One thing I loved this year was watching the kids open their gifts from each other. CC took them to the Dollar Tree this summer and let them pick out gifts for siblings. I love this picture! Sweet Cheeks was so happy with her unicorn riding stick!
And the hit of the day for Big Ben was his drill! He drilled everything..chairs, tables, couches, even my knees. One of these days my knees may need to be drilled!
CC's biggest surprise of the year was the Redskins t-shirt I got him, and a matching one for Big Ben. Oh, it was hard for this Cowboys fan to do it, but love enabled me. But now I get email from
The kids were so happy with their gifts, and we had so much fun watching them open them!
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Tara G. said...

LOVE that last photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claire said...

How sweet!


Anonymous said...

One of the highlights here is always the Christmas Eve shopping. No matter how much we have completed our shopping prior to the 24th, that is the day we all love to get out and go shopping. Something in the air on that day. I, personally, love greeting strangers with Merry Christmas and having them greet us!

That was a tradition my dad started many years ago. It was originally done because we didn't arrive at his house until the 23rd/24th and he always took the kids to buy something for their parents. It has evolved over the years.

The kids still love buying for each other and we always try to allot funds for that.

This year we made an exception, however, and told them they were to spend their money on themselves. After many moans and groans, we told them it was their present from their dad and mom because of the wonderful attitude they have always had even during the years when they had nothing (literally) under the tree.

Their Christmas present to us was the fine C young people they have turned out to be. They have made Christmas for David and I during some very hard times and this year we just soaked in all the blessings God had given us. What better could we want?

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