Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I See

Big Ben and I get home from school around noon. We have our lunch together, then go out on the balcony to get some fresh air...
...and see what is below...(and try to eat a rock found on the balcony)...
A man has pulled his bulldozer off the road, left his door open, put down a piece of cardboard,
faced Mecca, and is saying his noonday prayers.

Across the street, the children at the Turkish school run, yell, kick, and enjoy the freedom of being outside.
That's what I see.
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Melanie Keffer said...

This was fascinating. I cannot imagine. I have known since my dad passed away how sheltered my life was growing up. He protected us from so much.

The hardest things for me would be the things you see.

In contrast, some of the sweetest things are seeing pictures of your kids. I am so glad you share those. I know you probably do it for family but, hey . . . I feel adopted in the family. :) Doesn't the B talk about that same concept?

As for Annika's wetland . . . That was VERY good. I think of her and Esther as the family beauties. Not because they are prettier than anyone else, but because they just strike me that way. Mary is busy being the oldest . . . [I wish she could meet Kathleen. Boy, would they have the conversations! ] Eva and Ben are busy being the babies with a lot of attention. That leaves Annika and Esther free to be all things feminine and they definitely seem to be that way.

My four are in four directions today. Kathleen visited Norfolk Naval Base (this is fall break for her), Karoline is working on college apps and closing herself in the sewing room for 2.5 hours of being Cleopatra singing. Maverick is at school with baseballs swirling in his head, and Matt is studying at home and hanging with Dad after he is free from his mother's teaching.

I wonder how boring life would be without kids?


Kelley said...

Wow - I am so enjoying "seeing" the world through your eyes. Thank you for sharing!

Incidentally, I love sharing stories of real-life motherhood back and forth with you. The difficult moments aren't necessarily fun, and I certainly don't wish them on anyone, but since they are going to happen anyway, there's something strangely encouraging in knowing I'm not the only one. I'll keep you in my thoughts and you keep me in yours; I have no doubt we'll emerge victorious. Hang in there and laugh - laugh alot!
Love ya!

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