Friday, October 23, 2009

Teachers' Crafting Night a.k.a. People I Really Like

Our school holds an annual Christmas craft fair to raise extra funds for school needs. One more tradition that has begun is a night where the teachers come and craft to help us get ready for it. This year we had chili and cornbread for them. If there's one thing about a teacher, it's that they know how to follow directions and mass produce, so they were perfect for the job!

If I'm Lucy, this gal is my Ethel. Brenda has been one of my best friends since I moved to Turkey. Here she is solving a puzzle for me. I started making sets of blocks last Spring, got busy with life, then couldn't remember how I had planned them. It was a giant Rubic's Cube, all detached, and her mathematical mind was able to do it!
This is Pam. She leads a Bible study I attend. She and her husband have been a great encouragement to us. She is untangling silver spiders here.
Malka (left) is Firstborn's teacher, a precious Iranian-American believer. Stacey (right) was on loan to our sister school in Korea for a couple of years, but thank goodness we got her back. I am hoping Perma-Baby gets her in two years.
Jeannie is straight from Memphis, TN, what a small world, huh? She has serving hands and serving heart. The cute gal on the right is Missy, Benaiah's nanny!!! What would I have done this semester without her??
Jenna was Firstborn's 2nd grade teacher and is now our librarian. If I told you her last name (which I won't), you could google her and find out that she won just about every 4H competition in the state of Kansas!
Karen (left) is with us for one year. She has given her heart to a young man at our sister school in Afghanistan. We are glad he's letting us have her before they marry! Kari (right) is a ball of energy. Her joy is contagious. She'll be Firstborn's 6th grade teacher.
And these are just a few of the people I really care about here.
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Melanie Keffer said...

Isn't that great? Makes me wish I could share a similar list of those that bless my life over here! The differenct Royal Ranger leaders and faithful servants of G.

Some great folks. Believers make great family, don't they?


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