Sunday, October 25, 2009

Perma-Baby's Bob

This week as I took down Perma-Baby's braids, I noticed yet another thick strand of hair come out. It was clear her hair was not falling out, just breaking. Ever since she finally got hair, we put in little "cutie bugs" as Campbell Clansman says, or braids. Her hair is always pulled up, because it is cute, but also because it is thin.
So I went to her Papa and explained the situation, very very gently (for he is absolutely addicted to her little piggy tails and braids). I suggested we get a nice bob and quit pulling her hair up, giving it time to thicken and strengthen.

He agreed.

So here she is with her new look. She was happy to announce to all her classmates that she had the EXACT hair as her cousin Campbell. I think it is clear from this picture, her friends were a bit unclear on who that was.

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Missy said...

So cute! The only problem is, knowing both little girls, I keep calling her Campbell!

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