Monday, October 19, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

We were given this cute outfit for Big Ben. The top and pants sort of "connect" the zebra. I had saved this baby gift to put on him when he got bigger. So, Missy ( put it on him one morning last week. Sweet Missy, she tried to be diplomatic, but there was no other way to say it..."I simply couldn't get it over his head." Campbell Clansman and I started laughing. I said, "Are his cheeks too horizontal?" The other day when I was meeting a new church friend for the first time, she said, "Oh, now is your son the really big boy with the really round head that can't walk yet?" ha ha ha! Love it.
So, Missy put him in this other little t-shirt, one that I had put in his closet. It was Firstborn's (from her Aunt Christi), then Tiptoer's, then Miss Middler's, then Perma-Baby's. I thought this hand-me-down might be ok for a boy. It has blue. You know.
Campbell Clansman veto-ed it. He said, "No hearts. No 'LOVE' across his chest. Ok, must be a guy thing, but Big Ben seemed perfectly happy in it to me. Anything that doesn't squeeze the blood right out of his head is ok with him.
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Melanie Keffer said...

I love the look on Ben's face! Let me tell you I laughed and laughed at the post about your impromptu visit to the nail salon. What memories you are bringing back to me not to mention the enjoyment of your kids' adventures.

As for the hand-me-downs from the sisters -- Welcome to the club! Tell Ross that our boys are not insecure in their manhood, that is why they can safely wear their sister's t-shirts. :)) Mine did. I did draw the line at the extreme girly looking stuff but generally if it was clean and fit, the boys wore it. :)

In fact, I used to worry just a tad because they seemed to like everything of their sister's better than their own there for a while. Turned out it was just admiration for their big sisters.

Tough on a little guy when his playmates are all older sisters. I told Dave I just had to trust God and nature that my boys descended from a long line of masculine men on both sides and that they would turn out that way.

Sure enough, the hormones took over and imitating their sisters in high heels gave way to hanging out dad and all that goes with that. (Thank you Lord for a wonderful role model is all I can say! Ha.)


Kelley said...


1) Jaden has a huge head too - I can't tell you how many hand-me-downs we have to pass along because they just won't go over his head. Think of the size of that brain :)

2) "The really big boy with a really round head that can't walk yet" - too funny! I'm glad you laugh about stuff like that - because you know God made him perfect!

and 3) Luke (my 7 year old) is an awesome kid - definitely a leader, even now. Just needs some maturity and wisdom backing up all those decisions. Until then, many things he does makes him seem like a "hand-full". So as I was laying down the guidelines regarding Luke for a babysitter (an adult) one time, she told me: "Don't worry. I can handle him. I deal with mentally challenged kids all day long." Isn't it funny to see how other people "see" our kids??? Makes me laugh :)

Love you guys!

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