Monday, October 12, 2009

Home Decorating

This is my toilet.
This is my toilet with a bit of home decorating by my preschooler, who greatly enjoys art class. (It's some type of green centipede.)
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Melanie Keffer said...

You just gotta love Eva . . . :)

Which one was it that put the giraffe to bed on the side of the tub that time? You posted that on your blog. I can't remember who that was.

Or the one with the horses climbing up the safety net Ross had put on the stairs??

Don't you love it? I miss that as my kids have gotten older. Thankfully, Matt (my youngest) still has his areas from time to time. Not sure if he will ever totally grow up - A trait he inherited. :) I guess we are trying to hold on to him as long as we can. He will be fourteen in two weeks! :)

Tell Eva I liked her drawing!


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