Friday, October 2, 2009

Care Packages

As a general rule, the more recently someone has arrived overseas, the more care packages they get. Our security guard at school comes in, mail delivery in hand...and it's usually for one of those cute young gals who works with us...who just started this year. But that makes sense, the longer you live somewhere, the more you adapt to the products that are available in that place. And we are not forgotten, far from it. Every summer our families load us up with so much STUFF we can hardly get our suitcases zipped. At Christmas, a group of our friends in Memphis go in together and send us some goodies. We get all warm and fuzzy, and the girls think every tube of sparkly lip gloss and package of hello kitty notepads are the "best thing they ever had." But this year somehow after summer, but long before Christmas, we got two surprises. They came the same week. One came from across the street, one came from across the globe.

A dear family knew that things had been a little rough lately. They are here with the US government and get all those good American products that our only hope to acquire otherwise is to delve into some black market scheme (we don't). They just wanted to bless us. Crunch berries! Lucky Charms! Marshmallows! Oreos! My 4 year old said, "What's an oreo?" I think her sisters were hoping I would leave her uneducated. You know, it's more for them, kind of thing.
They also gave us a big ol' ham and some Country Hearth bread. That is just not something that ever appears here. One can't even bring that back in luggage. This week we had ham and potatoes and ham and cheese melts. I plan to use every last bit of it. The ends will go into a split pea soup. Thanks, friends!

And then, just when I thought I could not be more blessed, we got a care package from Singapore. Our dear friends (and former landlords) sent us a big envelope of all the things we miss. Ginger chicken, chicken rice, curry powder. Mmmm. Thanks for not forgetting us old timers. We feel loved.

And then of all things, Campbell Clansman just emailed me and said, "A former school administrator (with our organization) emailed and wants to send us a care package...." It didn't take me long to make him a list. I'm afraid I am getting a little spoiled....

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Kelley said...

Yay for you! I was so happy to see the package of marshmallows. Now you can make a batch of Rice Krispie treats while you are there - if you can find Rice Krispies. I was just thinking about you tonight as we were eating Rice Krispie treats that someone had brought to our home group. I was sharing with them the little tidbit you shared with me about what they're really made of...:)

Love ya and think of you often!

Melanie Keffer said...

Now, Sara . . . You'll think I'm nuts but I have to tell you . . . .

I know you've had some rough days and I think I shared with you that I was relating because we were having rough days also -- too personal to mention here, and Thursday and Friday, God seemed to open Heaven and pour it out on us. We had substantial money (remember we are without a job at the moment) coming in from FOUR different places that we didn't solicit, our bills were paid, money for next week's bills provided, grocery money, utility bill money and a little extra running money. I was flabbergasted, so was David.

What can you say about a God greater than any of us can comphrehend? He takes care of His children, wouldn't you agree?

I am so glad to see you get an abundance of those things you miss so much!! Isn't that wonderful??? Ham!! Just think!! You had just mentioned how much you missed some of the food in Singapore . . . Wow!


The Fish Family said...

I love the new look on your blog. Please share how you did that! So glad you got a nice treat. Remember...ration!!

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