Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keep Your Eye On Me

So, what do you think of my new background and family picture on here? Cute, huh? One of my goals for Spring Break was to get a family photo which included all of the following:
1. all 7 us, including the new boy (one faithful reader boycotted my blog until I got him in the picture)
2. some type of Turkey backdrop, since we do live here and there are so many interesting backdrops
3. one that didn't make me look like I just had a baby 6 months ago

I told Ross I wanted to have a family photo shoot and he complained. "Sara, it's vacation! I don't want to shave. I don't want to shower. I just want to wear my hat." He actually wrote a poem for us the first night with this theme. As soon as I get permission from him, I plan to post it here. Anyway, I assured him that I thought he looked better rugged than preppy anyway, and off we went to pose.

It is sure a good thing that I married Ross. He takes good pictures. He doesn't take many, but the ones he takes are really good. I am the one with the camera shooting photos all the time. If I didn't have Ross, I wouldn't have many good ones. If he didn't have me, he'd never remember to take pictures. So we make a good photography team I think.

Here is an example of why I should not take them.
I think Benaiah is the only one not affected by my placement of this photo right in the direct sunlight, and that is because he is too young to know he needs to not look into the sun. But I do have good intentions. I mean, what a cute wagon. What a cute idea. What a bad sun placement. So, Ross set us up in a couple different places with just the right placement of the sun in front of us but not too directly in our faces. Just the right amount of scenery. Just the right color (he suggested we leave Benaiah's snuggle suit on for color). Just the right pose where you can't see any residual maternal fat stores on my body. Perfect! But any of you who are around me very often know that I have a serious stress issue when anyone uses an automatic timer on a camera. I try hard to relax, but I end up saying, "Hurry!!! Hurry!!! It's blinking. Oh this is so stressful." or something like that. Some of the guys on staff know this about me and purposefully lolly-gag after they press the button. I just do not enjoy that process at all. But anyway, on to the point of this post. Every time Ross would press the automatic timer button and then stride to his spot, here is what Benaiah would do....
"Hi Dad."

It was all eyes on Ross. We finally got 1 where only 1 child was squinting and Benaiah had not turned around to see his Papa. But I think it is sort of cute. That little boy loves his Papa. I feed him 4 times a day, change nearly every diaper, make him homemade baby food, engage him in baby-play, kiss him from head-to-toe daily, but when Ross walks in the room, he can't take his eyes off him. I think he knows what a good dad he got!


Anonymous said...

Love your new background and what a fun post. I even love the pictures of Baby B staring at his daddy. How precious!

I love seeing what your life in Turkey is like!

Amy Ables Lawson

Melanie Keffer said...

Have I ever told you how I always "interrupted" our vacations for picture time? Only in our case, I made everyone bath (Who takes a bath when they swim, right?), iron their clothes (coordinated to match), fixed their hair (down came the ponytails and up went the curlers), brush their teeth and off we would go to a scenic somewhere I had spotted.

That should make you feel a little better . . . ha!

I grinned and giggled reading about your picture taking adventure. I think the pictures are very pretty! So far, my favorite is the first one you posted. Olan Mills couldn't have done it better. If that is to Ross' credit, then yes, he has a real knack.

This post should be a testimony to the fact that we mothers are all basically the same. :)


P. S. And the wagon idea was a genuis idea!

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