Monday, April 13, 2009

Resurrection Day!

When I was a little girl, my mom taught me we could call Easter, Resurrection Day. I hope you had a joyous and hope-filled day. We were explaining to the kids that no other 'religion' in the world has the hope that we have. There is no wondering where we stand because it is all based on Jesus, not on us! We had a wonderful service with songs and words full of meaning, and for Ross and me, full of good memories of the heritage we have been given.
The girls donned matching skirts and hats for the day.
Benaiah was given a 6 month-sized Easter outfit (a hand-me-down from a friend moving away). There was a 3 inch gap between his pants and his shirt. We opted for a sweater and cords.
This is Benaiah's little buddy, Judah. He's Kenyan/Turkish. I love this picture...checking each other out! Geoff shaved Judah's head and all those thick curls came out. I asked him if he thought it might work on Benaiah.
The girls got a basket with a little candy and little toy I had picked up last summer. Ross' sister sent Benaiah his first Easter basket...a camouflage Hummer. Perfect!

Mary Erin and some of her friends were asked to do the motions to a song at our church. I was so proud of her! When we first moved here, she missed Singapore and everything was new. She was scared each week when she had to ascend the stairs to Sunday School. Now she's teaching us hand motions in front of the whole church!

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