Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fool's Day in First Grade

This is Esther's adorably cute first grade teacher, Miss Stevens.
This is Esther's wicked April Fool's Day teacher, Miss Viola Swamp. Evidently, she showed up as a sub for Miss Stevens and wrought havoc on an otherwise peaceful (well, relatively so) class of first graders. She moved everyone's clips (which takes recess time away) when she couldn't find the one clip she was looking for. She allowed no talking all day and pretty much made them all miss Miss Stevens immensely. Rumor has it that 'someone' snuck in her room and wrote Miss Swamp is a BIG MEANIE on the whiteboard, but I have absolutely no idea who would have done that. I was at home most of the day...only at school for a few minutes....


Melanie Keffer said...

What a great idea for April Fool's!!

My oldest son got in the car on April 1 telling me he had in-home suspension for fighting.

I sat frozen in silence trying to soak in why my sweet Maverick would hit someone. I asked him why and he said the kid had cussed him. I literally didn't know what to say.

THEN, a heart attack and a half later, it dawned on me what day it was. Maverick grinned at me with an impish grin.

He begged me to go along and tell his dad the same joke. Reluctantly, I did. His dad was on his side and said, "Good. He doesn't need to let anyone talk to him like that."

THEN -- Maverick let me know in a polite and respectful way that it was payback for the year before when I had, without mercy, pulled the same prank on him, only in reverse.

What could I say?

Just wait Sara. :)

Mel the Mom of a Strong Young Man

The Fish Family said...

I don't know how many of your readers know this is from a book but we LOVED reading this because we read that exact book just a few days ago - it's part of the preschool curriculum I used!!! My kids loved this post!! Tell Ruth it was a hit!! What a great idea!!

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