Monday, April 20, 2009

Captivating Cappadocia Part V, the Final Post

This is to be the final Captivating Cappadocia post (you've been patient). I wanted to include a few pictures that I like. This was a tiny home we spotted on the way there. On the way back, Ross let me run through a wheat field to get a closer shot. I am guessing it is just a home for the farmer to stay in while in busy harvesting season. I loved the flag and the fireplace on the top porch.

I loved this door so much, it inspired me to begin taking photos of interesting doors to display as a set somewhere in our home.
An old cave home. We always try to find the keystone at the top of the arch.
Just the cute guy I married and one of our kids.
An amazing blue bug (beetle?) we spotted. Any entomologists read this blog?
A home built into old walls.
The owner of our pension. He liked Benaiah. One day he got really serious and kept pointing to Benaiah and saying, "This one, Pehlivan." I had no idea what he was telling me, only that he was very, very serious about it. I wrote the word down, then came home and looked it up on wikipedia. Go ahead. You'll laugh.
A very serious hiker.

Thanks for bearing with me. I've enjoyed sharing our experience with you.


Anonymous said...

I love the door pictures idea. If you do it, you'll have to post pictures so we can see.

Do you look at these pictures and still become amazed that you actually LIVE where you do? I'm amazed, I tell you. Beautiful pictures; thanks for sharing them with us.

Melanie Keffer said...

I thank you also. I have enjoyed the stories and the pictures.


Melanie Keffer said...

Oh . . . genuis idea about the door pictures. I got hooked on door knobs and began collecting and hanging those around my house!! For some reason door knobs fascinate me . . .


John Stone said...

i want to see the pics of Benaiah when he gets his lederhosen for his new sport!

The Fish Family said...

What super photos, Sara!!! I've enjoyed your vacation so much!! Funny about the oil wrestling. Leah has a book in school that actually mentioned that as a sport in Turkey!!

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