Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tomorrow's the Last Day

Tomorrow will be a hard day for our family. How is it that something for which you've prayed for years, finally begins to happen, and yet you are sad to see the day come? When we moved to Turkey 6 years ago, we met a sweet young teenager almost right away. She had escaped the horrors of her home country with her father and sisters, had become a Christian, and was waiting to be permanently settled elsewhere. Another family had taken her under their wing, but they were leaving, so they asked, "Would you look after her?" Of course we said yes. She then began babysitting for us every Friday night. She quickly became my 'teenage daughter.' She became a big sis to my girls. She soon began to call me 'mom.' She says I've been the mom she never had, but she has done so much more for me. I am not sure how I would have survived the last 6 years here without her. Next week, she is required to move to another city in Turkey. There she must wait until the United Nations sends her to America for permanent immigration. It could be weeks (we pray) or months. So tomorrow night will be her last night to babysit for us, something she's done almost weekly for 6 years. I have very mixed feelings. We have waited and prayed and waited and prayed for this day, and yet I feel like hiding her in my closet so she won't leave. We know we'll be involved in her life once she's in America, but I guess it is the end of the era, and that is the hard part. So, this is my tribute to her...I love you, Heybet.
I became a mom to Heybet, but she mothered and loved my children as her own.
I taught Heybet how to make grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese, but she made me Samboosa's from Iraq.
I washed Heybet's clothes each week for her (she didn't have a washer), but she washed and braided my girls' hair to surprise me on Saturday mornings when I woke up.
I told Heybet's boyfriend he'd better snatch her up quick (he did!), but she gave me weekly date nights with the love of my life.
Ross put Heybet through school, but she taught me many lessons in how to be content when you have nothing.
I bought Heybet her prom dress, but she honored me by asking me to be her mother-of-the-bride in her wedding one day.
She was one of the first to hold my last 2 babies; I hope I get to hold her newborns, too.

The blessing of this relationship has been all ours, Heybet. We love you and send you off with a big bundle of precious memories and gratitude, prayers prayed through tears, and with Jesus. He really is all you will need. We love you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sara, she's beautiful!

I am a little weepy and I don't even know Heybet. I'm so thankful God put you two in each other's lives. I'll pray for you all as you have to move apart....for now.

Deena said...

What a tender post! I agree with Amy. I'm a little weepy too. What a wonderful blessing to see hearts united in the Lord!

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