Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It is a rainy, cold Monday. However, it is almost May. And May is when I begin to allow myself to think, "I get to go home." I start counting the days. I start thinking of what it will be like to disembark the plane, see faces I love, show my new baby. I start to think about wandering through Walgreen's with no real purpose except to see all the words in English. I get to go home soon! I will miss things here, but it's time for a break. Here is one of the things I will miss...
I recently took a visiting friend downtown to Ulus, the old district. That day I debated whether or not to bring a stroller for Benaiah. It's mostly cobblestone streets, so I opted to carry him. It was a bad decision. My 23 lb. bundle burned into my arms all day. I wanted to take my friend to the top of the castle, but it is quite an uphill (and mildly dangerous) climb. At the bottom, these sweet grannies were selling their wares, homemade knitted things and beaded bracelets. I certainly did not need or even want another trinket. So rather than buy a bracelet from them, I asked if she'd sit at the bottom of the castle and hold my baby while I took my friend up the castle. She was delighted. Had I ever met her before? no. Did I trust her? completely. When I returned, I gave her a lira and thanked her. She refused the money, saying she enjoyed it so much. I said to her, "Grandmother (for they call each other family names whether they are family or not), you go buy a loaf of bread for your family or a bag of tea. You helped me." Then she reluctantly took it. I'll miss things like that. But I am ready to go home, still.


Anonymous said...

Home?! Home for a visit? Home for good? I need more information!

Natalie said...

i miss those kinds of things too! we have a convenience store at the end of our street. the kids ask to walk there and get ice cream all the time. i've let them, but only if erica is going. will is old enough, but he is so little that i think people would think he's younger than 13. i miss the not worrying, laid back part of life there!

Jenny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!! You have a beautiful family!!! I am looking forward to reading more!

His Doorkeeper said...

Sara,Thanks for your comment on my blog and thanks from the bottom of my heart for praying for Harper when we desperately needed all the prayers we could get! God responded in His wonderful way and we will never be able to thank Him and praise Him enough!

I have read your blog with interest before but never commented. You have the same name as one of my cousins!

We had a young lady in our church who was with YMAM who lived in Turkey for several years. I thought it would have been great to visit her but now she is in England.

I understand completely you allowing the Granny on the street to watch the baby for a few minutes. I have travelled to Romania and Nicaragua several times and the people there are so gentle. You couldn't do that in NYC, could you?

When you leave Turkey and how long is your furlough?

The Fish Family said...

We can't wait until you come home too. I think it's a bit early to make our paper chain countdown, but soon! AB read the post and asked I would leave my baby with strange women. I said NO WAY but explained how things are different there and how I would have in Singapore. What a great photo for Benaiah's scrapbook!

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